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Tool Shed Plans - The Best Plans to Protect Your Tools

Great Plans Make Great Tool Sheds

Whether your tool shed is an attached shed or a detached shed, the best place to start is with a good set of plans. Not all tool shed plans are created equal, and you can build a superior tool shed for little cost. Why pay those overpriced costs at the hardware store, when you can DIY a great shed for much less? A good set of plans will match your houses design, have a material list and will be functional for your needs.

Picking Tool Sheds That Match Your House-

When considering building a shed you should look at the design of your house. The closer your tool shed plans mimic your house the better your shed is going to look. If your house is a gabled roof, consider a gable roofed shed. Look at the siding materials, and try to match those too. You can build a compliment to your home that adds value, and doesn't cost much. Just look for a variety of tool shed plans when choosing to build your tool shed.

A Good Set Of Tool Shed Plans Will Come With A Material List-

A material list will insure you don't buy a lot of unnecessary materials, and will let you know the construction costs up front. This way you can decide where to skimp on the materials if you want to reduce costs. Just don't skimp on the roof. The roof is one of the most important parts of your tool shed. You don't want a leaky roof housing your tools do ya? You can also skimp on the sheathing material, if you use a building envelope. Either way, when you have a material list you can give and take to match your needs. A good set of tool shed plans should always come with a complete material list.

What Valuables Is Your Tool Shed Going To Protect?

Think about what your sheds function is and go from there. Is your tool shed housing an ATV too? Are you using a freestanding shed because of county regulations? If your pouring a slab for your shed and your housing an ATV, maybe insert a chain into the wet slab. You'll have a piece of chain to lock around your ATV axle. This is just an example of forethought. The more you plan ahead, and consider your design the more usefulness you'll get out of your tool shed. If your just housing some landscaping tools and bags, consider a salt box attached shed, that way your only building three sides, and save on building costs. There are thousands of creative ways to design low cost, great functioning tool sheds.